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Anyone in Los Angeles? - June 4th

i'm in OC as well. sad that there's still zero 4g coverage in cali, and only L.A. announced so far =/

still, sprint's 3g coverage appears to be good here and this will be the best 3g phone

however went to BB after work on the 1st day of pre-orders and was only 6th in line...

haha I was first :D but of course I was there before the doors unlocked.. and it was in orange LOL
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So hard to get a good calculation of how pre-orders are going in LA/OC, cuz there are SO many damn BB's and Radio Shack accross the 2 counties alone. If we took into consideration all of Cali, I'm sure the case is the same in other big cities as well!...hahahaha.

well I can vouch for where I live... RS in anaheim by the crappy wal-mart on Euclid... and RS in Garbage Grove.. by the movie theatre on chapman..

However both are SUPER small...and I got hosed last time I bought from them :mad: so won't go there again for a phone...

As far as I know - 1 best buy on Chapman close to Orange (in Anaheim) and the one I pre-ordered from is on Tustin in Orange... by my work :)
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