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Anyone in Lower Ny - Early Birds for the EVO @ RS?!?

Anyone in lower Ny (say near or around Westchester County) looking to be at RS early to pick up the EVO?

I am hoping RS opens before 10am on friday so I can pick mine up and be at work on time lol ...

I'm in Mount V, and I reserved at BB in Yonkers. I called today, they said they aren't opening early, same time 9:30. I think RS may open early though. But no word from them either.
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Here in YO and just called RS right next door to ur BB lol ...they said no need to fill out any of these so called "appt" forms that there will be a bag with the EVO and ur name on it waiting for you and that at most they might open at 830am vs 9 ...

Shoo, I should have done the RS deal. I just thought since they're a smaller store they would have less devices, I reserved mines the day after the official pre-order was announced. I figured I needed to do a large store if the demand was high.

I wonder if the bag will be embroidered with your initials :)
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