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Anyone know what the next great moto x pure phone will be?

Haven't seen a lot in the news and the website is a little vague as to what they are currently releasing.
I'm confused... the "Next great Moto X Pure" isn't.

The Moto X has been downgraded to a premium mid-range device, the Z is the new flagship... we know a bit from a leak at a Moto employee conference earlier this year:

5.2" FHD Display (big downgrade)
Qualcomm SD660 CPU (nice upgrade)
64GB Storage (only one model we know of)
3800mAh battery
"SmartCam" and "3D Glass" (no idea what these are yet)
IP68 Water and Dust resistant rating

It is also noted to have a "glass and metal" build of "Unlimited Perfection" build quality. So basically it's a premium mid-ranger with some gimmicks.

We also know it has been delayed due to the inability to get SD660 SoC chips from Qualcomm, but this is effecting more than just Moto.

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Hm. so that would make it a better all around phone, or just a changed one?
Which brings up the question, for around the same price, what should I get next if I really liked this phone basically?
It's not an upgrade... overall I would call it a wash. For the price (I am guessing around $450, purely a guess seeing the other models Moto has) you might as well get a OnePlus 5 especially since you can get a $30 off coupon code for it if you google around a bit.

That and current rumors seems like it's being downgraded a bit, 3000mAh battery and an SD635 processor (SD660 is having production problems).
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