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Help Anyone using LauncherPro beta?

I was wondering if this has any advantages over the stock screen setup and scrolling.

i actually just installed that this afternoon. i got tired of sense ui and wanted something new. launcherpro is still in beta right now, but it is very stable. theres not a whole lot to do/customize, just your standard option. but it is something new and stable, and that is exactly what i wanted. give it a shot.

fyi, you will not be able to use any htc widgets, which are a lot of them, haha. so you'll have to download some new ones if you want to stick with launcherpro...this is true for any home replacement
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To me it seems even smoother than sense if that is possible. Being beta and being this stable it has huge potential imo. I mean it's simple or boring as some would say, but I like simple. I use 3 screens. It really is sweet it's free so try it out...if you don't like it uninstall no loss. And the landscape while on home screen or all the screens is kind of cool ;)
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