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Anyone want to recommend me a car cradle :)

dont have this specific product - but have bought from them before. great stuff!

ProClip Mounting System*-*Device Holders

already have the Proclip base for my tundra's dash - was going to just get an epik holster, and fiberglass in a section that holds the mini-usb connector from the Tmobile car charger - then noticed their holster is meant to hold the phone with the screen facing in for protection - which wouldn't do me any good for use as GPS in car

but neat part their holster was made for their silicone gel case cover -
back to the drawing boards

in someways i miss that sony ericsson - even had a built in connection for antenna extension that automatically connected to the phone when you dropped it into the cradle
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you must have been looking at a different pix than the one i was
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