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Root [APP] Flash Image GUI - Easily flash kernels, boot logos and recoveries!


Jan 21, 2010
birbeck for the usual random java guidance, slushpupie for his previous java guidance, dodgejcr for extreme amounts of testing, and one_love_420 and shift for some great graphics!
testers: -JT-, couga6442, happytweak and many others I might have forgot as I spend a few sleepless nights putting the basic app together!
Thanks to SDX and !!!!!!!TEAMWIN!!!!!!!

flash_image (bmlwrite) is an extremely useful utility for flashing custom kernels, boot logos and recoveries. This binary has made it possible to easily flash all these items and is used almost everywhere behind the scenes (i.e. in custom recoveries, packaged into kernel /sbin, etc).

No recovery or adb needed! Now, for all s3c6410 phones, Samsung Moment, Intercept, Transform, and Acclaim, easily flash a kernel zImage, boot logo.png, or recovery.rfs file straight from Android w/o rebooting into recovery! No update.zip files needed.
HTC EVO support for flashing any kernel .zip and recovery.img files along with HTC EVO Shift support for flashing recovery.img!

Install Directions:
Install process is the same as any other .apk. Download to computer and adb push or mount sdcard on computer and copy over. Use any file manager, adb, connectbot/terminal emulator to install.
My preferred method, maybe a bit technical: adb install c:\downloads\FlashImageGUI.apk
Alternative installation method w/o adb. Mount sdcard to your computer, copy the apk over to the sdcard. On the phone, using any of the popular file managers, select the apk and it should prompt to install. Since you're loading an application outside of the market, you might need to turn on allow Unknown sources for application installation under the main Settings->Manage Applications.

Download Location:
For all Android Forum memebers I'm distributing it free:
Release versions (should always work w/o any issues!): http://www.joeykrim.com/android/apps/FlashImageGUI.apk
Alpha/Beta versions (will sometimes be broken as I experiment and test): http://www.joeykrim.com/evo/files/FlashImageGUI.apk

Market Location:

Source Code:
Hope to post this soon!

Contact or Feedback:
Any questions, comments, concerns, issues or suggestions, please post in this thread or PM me! Thanks for all the help and support!



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