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app for disabeling the unlock swipe

The only time my lock comes back is after a power off, then I have to click the widget. Other than that I've had zero problems, lock's off and stays off.

There are 3 settings:
sleep auto - lock will activate, swipe to get rid of it like normal
awake stay - lock will not activate, can press the power, volume rocker or camera key to turn the screen on
screen stay - the screen is always on
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I'd like an app that puts the lock on a timer, so that you have to swipe it if the phone's been locked for <X minutes, but have to enter the unlock code if it's been locked for >X minutes. Like how the iPhone works.

It's a pain entering the lock code every time I want to change the song I'm listening to or pause or just check my email, but I don't like the insecurity of having a phone without some sort of passcode lock. And I like the way the regular unlock swipe tool works.
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ScreenModeWidget didn't work for me. Downloaded it yesterday morning, never activated it, but by afternoon, my phone went wacky: lost all networks, shut itself off/turned itself on several times, "click" would sound when icons on home screen were pushed, but nothing would happen. After 3rd shutdown, phone would not re-start at all. So I headed for the Verizon store, signed-in, then while waiting, fiddled around and finally got phone to turn back on. Figured it was worth a shot, so I tried uninstalling last thing loaded - ScreenModeWidget - and voila', my perfect-acting Droid was back, no problems before or since...(knock wood)...
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