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App Growing, Sapping Internal Memory?


Nov 19, 2009
Is it possible for an app to grow or continue to use up internal memory as you use it??? I installed a new Android/Facebook app named Dungeon Quest less than a day ago. Since then I have use this app on and off but I have noticed that gradually my phones internal memory has been growing (from 231mb used to 240mb)! I haven't made any of My space is now getting critical.

Is there anyway short of rooting to reclaim this space? This seems to be a buggy app. I'm wondering if its got some kind of error log file growing in my internal memory area???
The app is probably storing cache.

menu-setting-applications-manage apps- scroll down to "? app name ?" -clear cache.

The market, browser and a few other apps do this and suck up phone storage space. That in turn slows down your phone.

+1, Thanks Kab, that did the trick. 7MB freed last night. Another 3.5MB freed from the cache this morning from the same app this morning. After clearing its cache I hardly noticed any speed degradation. This app sucks up cache space without need.
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