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App to connect 2nd Google Voice acct to phone?


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Jan 8, 2010
So I've searched this numerous times over the past few months with no luck, and I guess it's time to ask the question...

Both GV accounts forward calls to my cell. I accomplished this by marking my cell as a home phone in both accounts. This prohibits me from having GV forward texts to my cell, which has always been fine, since I installed the GV app and used it for texting with my personal GV account. I have never really used my business GV to text.

However, I'm finding that I have more and more clients who prefer to communicate by text. I don't want to have to give them a 2nd number beyond my business GV though, so I need a secondary app I can use for my business GV, since the standard app doesn't support multiple log-in's.

Weirdly, there are at least 5 different apps to make this work on IOS, but I can't find any to get it to work on Android.

Any input?
GrooveIP and Talkatone each can do the job, are free, and are easy to configure. I'm pretty sure they both will connect to multiple accounts.

You could also set your cell number as mobile in one of your GV accounts to let that one forward, and install the Google Voice app configured for the other account which would get them directly over IP. I think that would work.
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