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Help Apps not updating on SD card


Nov 26, 2012
I have moved a lot of apps to my SD card. They work fine from there, however, when updates are sent they don't seem able to 'find' them on the card. Is there a way to include the SD card in the update path? If I move the app back to the device they can be updated and returned to the card but this is very time-consuming.

It's been a while since I moved apps to sd, but it never caused any problems with updates.

Since this hasn't been part of the OS since 4.0, and so has been added back by the manufacturer, it may matter what device you have. Could you tell us what phone and what Android version, and whether you are moving apps using a system menu or whether you've made any mods (e.g. rooting and using some app) to give yourself this option?
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Hmm, I just tried moving an app that I knew had an update to SD on my tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014). I could still update it just fine while it was on SD, but I noticed that when I went into the application manager it now had the "move to SD card" button back, as if updating had moved it back to the device, or the update had been installed to internal storage regardless of where it should have been.

That's not how things used to work under Gingerbread, so I have to suspect this is a bug in the way that Samsung re-implemented this feature after it was dropped by Google. So it seems that my situation is not so different from yours: I could do the update, but then I'd have to move the app again anyway (and hope it's not just wasting space on the SD with an older copy).
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