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Apps that make phone more than a phone.


Android Enthusiast
Oct 13, 2010
Hi there.
I currently have a Galaxy S8 and over the years i have found some fantastic apps that make my phones indispensable to me.
I have listed some of the apps i use regularly, explaining what they do and why i find them beneficial and would love some suggestions for other apps that add the wow factor to a phone. Please do not add games as that would very quickly take over the thread.
The apps i use most often are as follows.
1. Spotify: I have hundreds of albums on a memory card in my phone but eventually gave in and subscribed to Spotify when i got the chance of 2 years free membership when i renewed my contract with Vodafone. Great to have access to an even wider range of music than i already had. Have the app on a tablet connected by chromecast to my home AV amp which gives great music choice in the evening.
2. Car Dashdroid: Great app when driving that gives you access to your navigation app, music, contacts etc. Also works great hands free and reduces your chance of falling foul of the law when driving.
3. Cameralert: An app that has a huge database of safety/speed cameras. Gives visual and audio warning as you approach these cameras. I am not advocating speeding but it can be very easy with modern cars to slip a few miles over the speed limit without realising. Recent article in paper had one Police chief advocating being charged for speeding if even one mile over limit.
4. My fitness Pal: Great app if you are looking to lose weight. Simply enter your details, age, height, weight etc. Tell it how much you would like to weigh and how much you would like to lose each week and it will calculate daily calories allowed. Huge database of foods for you to enter what you eat each day and it will track your progress. Helps focus the mind.
5. Business Calendar 1. Love the variety of calendar settings you have with this.
6. Hive: Have the hive thermostat from British Gas installed. This allows you to control it remotely as well as setting heating patterns. I also have 3 smart bulbs connected which allows these to also be scheduled to come on and off when you wish or to be controlled remotely. Great when on holiday.
7. Google Photos: Spent years transferring photos from camera to 2 separate hard drives to back them up. Again, finally gave in and succumbed to the cloud. Now able to access my pics from multiple devices as well as giving people access to various folders if necessary.
8. Shazam: Great when out at night and you hear a song you like but cant recall the name. Tap on Shazam and it will listen to a few seconds and supply name and details of song, artist etc.
9. True Key: A password manager. I realised how many log ins to sites, apps etc. i had that all used the same password and realised that should someone get my password for, for example Amazon, they could try to log into paypal, or Asos or some other popular sites using my password purely to chance if i also had accounts with them. This app now controls separate passwords for in excess of 60 log ins.
10. Watchmaker: This app allows me to get thousands of watch faces for my Huawei smart watch. Love the variety and selection of faces available.
11. Waze: Started off using Google maps then tried this. Jumped between the two for a while but now find this my definite favourite. Live updates when driving means i avoid many queues each day.

These are main apps i use regularly, do you have any that you feel make having a modern phone so much more worth while.

Thank you.


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