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Archos 5 Android is really coming along now!


Dec 18, 2009
Hey, I am new here and I got the awesome Archos 5 internet media tablet with Android. It got a lot of mixed reviews, was buggy as all get out when first released a few months ago but A LOT has changed. A lot of firmeware updates has really made the A5 IT a fantastic device!

I love having the google marketplace on there along with AppsLib the official Android marketplace for the A5 IT and "AndAppStore" app store as well. The google store is not officially included for the device but is a hack/workaround that works very well. I only had one reboot when I first installed it.

A dream device that has super fast web browsing, plays youtube videos, can play flash games although hit and miss and a lot of other stuff.

I recommend it highly over the ipod touch 3g and the Zune HD. It's not a phone although it is classified as one, has GPS built in, has an airplane mode and can easily use Google Maps with street view.

Anyone else take the plunge?


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