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Are there really only 9 speed dials?

I have a DROID eris HTC and there are only 9 speed dials. My antique LG would let me use any number for a speed dial even if it was two digits. It came in handy as each person was assigned his or her birthdate. Now with my high tech phone I only have 9????? Please tell me there's a way. There MUST be seeing as 86 is speed dial. hmmmm:thinking:
I can't answer the question about more than 9 speed dials, but if you're referring to *86 (to call your voicemail) as a speed dial, that's not what it is. *86 is a code established by Verizon (and possibly other carriers, I suppose). When you dial *86, that's actually what you're dialing, and the system redirects you to your voicemail.
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Thanks! Yes, I did do that already and I guess that should be short enough. Old habits die hard. Also, putting numbers in "favorites" and then having favorites be a widget is also a way to access quick dialing. I've given up on voice command as it thought the word "Jenny B" was Valentinos! Yikes! it seems to only pick up one syllable words. Oh well! Can't have everything!
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I had the same question about the 9 speed dials. Really?!?!?

I am trying the suggestions, but I am having a problem. I long pressed on the home screen and chose shortcuts. When I get here, I don't see Direct Dial. I get bookmark, gmail label, mail inbox, music playlist, person, program, and toggle google voice.

Maybe I can find AnyCut.
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