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Root [AT&T] Cannot add pics to contact list


Jan 3, 2013
Seems like a pretty easy concept, no?

The wife got me a Note 2 for Christmas. Since then when time has allowed, I've been trying to fix this. I can do this on my wifes GS2 with a tap or two. However it will not work with my Note 2.

The kicker is if I pick one of the default AT&T contacts in the contact list, it gives me the option to add a picture for that particular contact. All of the contacts that I have manually created have the sim card icon next to it. All contacts that have this icon will not give me the option to add a picture. This is really annoying me as this is probably an easy fix.

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this is relic of old times. There's no space for pictures, postal or email address on SIM card, just name and one phonenumber can be stored in one SIM card contact, therefore you can't add photo to contact stored on SIM card. I think the only possibility is to copy contacts from SIM card to phone (Contact, press the Settings key, Settings, Import/Export, Import from SIM card), then you can add contact photos.
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