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AT&T is trying to lay the screws to my upgrade....I hope they will be reasonable.......


Feb 7, 2011
Long story short....about 2 weeks ago I merged two family plan accounts onto one account. One of the lines (my wife's) that was on the other family plan had a February upgrade..which I intended to use for the HTC Inspire.

The dude in the store that helped with the merger assured us nothing would change on any of the lines and that we could merge the accounts and still come in on Feb 13th and get the HTC.

Now...the line that had an upgrade in Feb now shows not being eligible until October!

If I ask to talk to a manager in the store on Sunday will he/she have the authority to make this right?? If I had known merging the accounts would cost us an upgrade I would have just waited till after the 13th to merge them....

Yeah, same sitation I almost found myself. Luckily the guy @ cancellations realized this and didn't wanna merge accounts until after the upgrades, because afterword it would change and he couldn't do anything about it.

Call cancellations :)

Blanco, my man...you should put "Call Cancellations" as your sig! I like the way you think! lol
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If you talk with the store manager, and just tell them that the rep informed you otherwise he should take care of you. Be respectful and just don't get an attitude. The manager can and should make it right if that is the case.

Im not the type of person to get "redneck" with someone over a misunderstanding...but I believe i'm in the right here simply because we asked specifically if any of the lines would be altered at all in terms of contracts and upgrades...and we were told that they would not.

My biggest defense here I guess is the fact that I would be crazy to knowingly merge the accounts 2 weeks before I wanted to use an upgrade on one of the lines if I knew this was gonna happen...I simply would have waited till after the upgrade to do the merger.

I really hope the manager of the store will understand and let me get the Inspire on Sunday....ive been looking forward to it every since ATT announced it.
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