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Audio routing in samsung phone

Anusha SS

Nov 6, 2014
When i am playing song with a wired headphone in samsung S4 and S3, if bluetooth ear phone(with a2dp support) is connected, audio is not routed to bluetooth headset, but still routes to wired headphone which is not the expected behaviour. Can you please tell is this the issue with samsung phone or is this the behaviour of samsung phone to give priority to wired headset
On any phone with a headphone socket what's plugged into the socket takes priority. You can only use one set of headphones at a time on just about any device that only has one headphone socket to plug into. I say just about because I don't know everything and maybe somewhere some manufacturer has developed a device that would let you use Bluetooth headphones along with a wired set at the same time but I've never heard of one.
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