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Accessories Aukey QC2.0 solution - car & wall charger and ext 10400mAh battery w/lots of pics!!!


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Jul 30, 2010
This is a review of various Aukey QC2.0 (Quick Charge 2.0) solutions for your mobile devices, USB Turbo Car Charger (CC-T1), http://www.amazon.com/Qualcomm-Certified-Aukey-Charger-Included/dp/B00LJT2EPK/?tag=vectron00-20, 3-Ports USB Charging Station (PA-T2), http://www.amazon.com/Aukey-Desktop-Charging-Station-Included/dp/B00VHHIUNY/?tag=vectron00-20, and 10400 mAh External Battery quick charger (PB-T1), http://www.amazon.com/Qualcomm-Certified-Aukey-10400mAh-Supported/dp/B00UBDI7EC/?tag=vectron00-20

For anybody who has the latest Galaxy Smartphone or tablet or other devices supporting Qualcomm's QC2.0 quick charge technology - you know that once you try it the first time, there is no going back to your regular "2A" charger! Yeah, we get spoiled really quickly with a new technology, forgetting that just a few year back 1A charging was groundbreaking. But thanks to companies like Aukey and a few others, we no longer have to depend on a stock wall charger included with our phone, and can expand this luxury to multi-port chargers, car chargers, and external battery chargers I would like to talk about in my review.

Starting with a dual usb car charger, following footsteps of many other companies, Aukey provides a hassle free environmentally safe packaging and a premium 3.3ft 20AWG cable. I thought Choetech offering 22AWG cable was premium, here we have an even thicker cable to handle all your high power needs. 20AWG cable is very hard to find, and a lot of companies don't even specify gauge of wires used in their usb power cables.

The charger itself is very compact, measuring about 2.6" x 1.1" x 1.1" in size and approximately 40g in weight. The design is low profile and doesn't stick out too much from a car's charging socket. I also like how they color code each port which helps to see it clear in the daylight, but unfortunately I was very surprised that ports don't lit up in the dark.

With two usb ports, you get one regular 5V @2.4A to charge anything up to the latest iPad, and the other port with QC2.0 quick charging technology providing either 5V @2A, or 9V @2A, or 12V @1.5A, depending on the power requirements of the device you are charging. I like the option of two ports because often when I take a long trip, QC2.0 will charge up my device too fast and then I'm left with an annoying notification message to unplug my phone. Using a regular port on a long trip while having GPS/NAV and streaming satellite radio creates a perfect balance of charging and discharging rates.

Overall it's a nice solid car charger with plenty of power and support of QC2.0. Also, dealing with a better known company such as Aukey means a trustworthy 18-month warranty. I just wish it would lit up at night, but other than that it has a solid performance.







Next is Aukey 3-port usb charger, also delivered in a nice compact environmentally safe packaging box. Again, 20AWG gauge 3.3ft cable was included, and the cable is a pure quality. I just wish they would sell these cables separately, quality cable is very hard to come by.

I have reviewed a number of multi-port usb chargers in the past, but none of them included QC2.0 quick charge port, so this is a big plus for this Aukey charger. What is remarkable about this charger is a compact size with a folding AC plug - ideal for traveling. With a size of about 2.75" x 1.9" x 1" and a weight of only 85g, it has a footprint comparable to some single usb port travel chargers, but here you get 3 charging port with one being QC2.0.

All ports combined could handle simultaneously up to 42W of power, with both regular ports being able to support 5V @2.4A and QC2.0 port supporting either 5V @2A, or 9V @2A, or 12V @1.5A. Now if you do the math it means that you can run all 3 ports at the same time supplying the maximum current speed. With many other multi-port chargers you can only run a few ports at max speed, while others share the remaining current load balance. Here, there are no limitations.

Under $23 with 18 months of dependable warranty and with a travel friendly footprint, this 3 port usb charger with QC2.0 built into one of the ports is a great product to consider when you are looking into a compact smart device charger.












Aukey 10400 mAh external battery with a quick charger QC2.0 port is another great product to consider if your phone supports QC2.0 technology. Consistent with other products, it arrived in environmentally safe packaging, but I was surprised they included a generic usb charging cable. Considering both of their car charger and usb wall charger came with high quality 20AWG cable, I was expecting to see one bundled in this package too. At the same time, packaging is very compact without too much extra room around battery (size 3.8" x 3.2" x 1"), perhaps the reason why they didn't include a thicker cable.

Battery itself is very slick with an aluminum alloy surface, and nice flush mounted power button on one of the side-ends. Next to it you get 4 bright blue leds indicating charging capacity in 25% increments. Input micro-usb port supports fast 5V @2.1A charging of the battery which is an improvement in comparison to most other external batteries with 1A charging speed. It's about time companies start to implement fast input charging considering high capacities of these batteries. 10400 mAh is not a joke and considering a typical 90% efficiency - you still get a nice capacity, and a noticeable weight of about 365g.

There is a single charging output, but with a support of QC2.0 quick charging you get either 5V @2.1A, or 9V @2A, or 12V @1.5A, depending on your device QC2.0 implementation. I was a little surprised that for this larger size and high capacity battery only one output charging port was included. At the same time, the design decision was to leave top of the battery clean, while moving all the power and led controls to the side-end of the battery, thus leaving no room for a second output port. It's a small trade off, but you do get a very cool looking slick battery.

For under $30 this is already a great value for 10400 mAh battery, but if you factor in a slick aluminum housing, clean controls, fast input charging, and support of fast QC2.0 output charging - the value definitely goes up. Also don't forget Aukey's 18 months warranty. Definitely another good external battery QC2.0 source to consider.







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