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Automatic Brightness not adjusting


Dec 11, 2009
coming out of standby my phones brightness is always very bright and not dimmed appropriately... any1 else experiencing this????

i go to the display options in the settings and uncheck then recheck automatic brightness and the screen dims appropriately ....but once i turn the screen off and back on the problem returns
The auto-brightness on my 2.1 Hero appears to do SOMETHING. It almost looks like it does a one-time change to brightness, but then doesn't adjust in response to lighting changes after that.

Perhaps they turned down the rate of adjustment? I remember it used to adjust all over the place under 1.5...a little TOO much if I remember correctly.

That's why we need a more exhaustive list of every change they made that what's been let out so far...so we can distinguish what's a bug and what's a "new" feature.
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