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Background/wallpaper app saving problems


Nov 15, 2009
I have read similar threads, but am sooo lost! I have a new Hero, and love it, but one thing is bugging me. The backgrounds app that I downloaded, it saved a couple of backgrounds to my photos, but the rest of them, after saving, I can't find them! Says it is saving to SD card in backgrounds category, but don't know how to access that. Went to PDF file viewer--says no files on SD. Go to pictures--all my pics, videos, and default wallpapers, plus a couple it chose to save from background app, but not nearly all of them. Can't set any of these for lockscreen w/o saving. Help?
For some reason with backgrounds after saving you have to reboot phone then they will show. Annoying but works.

This was true before the most recent update to the application. Now, the backrounds get saved on the memory card in a Backgrounds folder in .png format. When the phone is rebooted now the images do not show up anymore. Before they were saved as .jpgs and they did show up after the phone was rebooted. Go figure.
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the problem with png files is that the phone can't read them, causing you not to be able to save them as your lockscreen wallpaper. The way around this is to find a file explorer that does read them and then apply it. I have no idea why they chose png as a file extension. Great app otherwise though

Haven't had any problems with it saving and having to reboot to see them.
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