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Root Backup, Restore, Get my files, Restore?

Okay, here is my situation....

I Installed Smoked Glass V5.0 from V4.5. I ended up doing it twice, and to make a long story short I lost my files in AK Notebook.

Here's my question:
1. Should I backup my current configuration
2. Then "Restore" my backup prior to upgrade
3. Grab my files (hoping they will be there) toss them on my mac
4. Then just "Restore" back to where I am now?

Need those files by tomorrow, any assistance is much appreciated. It's not that it's an emergency without them, but I will have to do some legwork to gather that info again.

As your backup tool to make Nandroid backups, I assume you mean?

I am not 100% sure, but I think you can perform a full Nandroid backup (I think a simple may not be effective here) and then perform a restore of just the DATA part of your older backup and see if the files show up....

  • Reboot into recovery
  • backup/restore
  • Advanced Nandroid backup
  • name your backup (It will append some parts to the name)
  • check (star) all items
  • perform backup
  • Advanced Nandroid restore
  • Select your old backup
  • uncheck (unstar) everything except Data
  • perform restore

If that does not work, then you can do an advanced restore of the one you just created and at least you'll be back the way it was before.
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"...backup tool to make Nandroid backups", That is what I meant :)

Yes, that is what I was thinking, just wanted to see if that was my best option. I appreciate you spelling out the steps for me so I don't have to look it up. Makes sense to just restore Data, but if that doesn't work I will end up doing an advanced restore anyway. Just to save myself from doing it twice I was leaning that way. Is there any negatives to doing it that way versus just data?

To reiterate, I am going back to they way I have it now, which by the way is awesome!

Another question: Would you clear the data and partitions, I think it is, before restoring to the state I want to leave it? I have no basis for this but was thinking it would be a "clean" restore.

Is there any other advice you can think of before I do?

Thanks alot for you help Johnlgalt
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Well, there are caveats. First of all, the old backup you made and the current one you're making - are they from the same ROM? If not, are they from the same base? meaning, if they are different ROMs, but both based upon ERE25 or ESE53, etc. then you should not have that big of a problem restoring your data.

Second, I don't believe that you need to wipe anything, a simple restore over your current install should be fine (of course, referring again to the above caveats).

If you really want to make your life simple, though, if you need to get the docs off and / or transfer them or whatever, make your backup, wipe, restore your entire old backup, grab your docs to your Mac, then wipe and restore your new backup - then you won't have to worry about incompatibilities between ROMs and what not.

Of course, this assumes that your old backup was a full backup as well....
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Cool, that's what I will do. They are both Smoked Glass ROM's, V4.5 & V5.

I did make full backups as well. At least I believe so by putting an asterisk next to everything before doing the backup.

I will let you know how it goes...wanted some assurance before proceeding. If you can't tell I am definitely a newb exploring with this os.
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Hey Johnlgalt, it went smooth as butter!

I did an advanced backup, then advanced restore with everything checked.

Booted up the backup and working perfect, good to know just in case.

I use AK Notepad, which is awesome, and even more so now. It allows you to share your notes in a million ways- text, email, facebook, etc. I emailed one note and realized that would take a while. I have about 15 notes in there. I was going to save as texts on my mac then bring them back when I went into the settings of the software. There was an "Export Notes: all notes to SD card."

Perfect, did that, double checked using Astro, sure enough there they were in one folder.

Rebooted to Recovery, wiped, restored to latest state. Went to settings in AK Notepad and imported the folder with all my notes and voila...perfect!

Again, thx for your assistance. I have seen many people state what a nice forum this is and after my first time corresponding in here I couldn't agree more.
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