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Ball Patrol 3D Fight robots Blow stuff up Canons & Lasers

Hi, I'd like to present you Ball Patrol 3D available on Google Play here:


Hi, I'm an indie gamedev. After 1.5 yrs in production, Ball Patrol is on Google Play!

● An explosive combination of magnetic bombs, robots, canons, lasers, wood and glass platforms and elevators.

● Download QR


● Gameplay video:

● Features
★ Fight angry robots getting in your way!
★ Cool gadgets: ● Force ● EMP ● Stealth ● Bomb Shield!
★ Activate lasers, push switches, detonate dynamite!
★ Beware hazards, magnetic bombs, steam turrets!
★ Minigames: ● Catch fish ● Shatter glass into pieces!
★ Highly realistic 3D physics engine!
★ Scoreloop online scores and achievements!​
Please try and let me know your feedback, comments or suggestions!
❤ Thanks in advance!
Hey everyone the new update is out!

Here's the looks:

And here's the facts:
Latest Version 1.7 improvements:
- Gameplay: Some levels were reworked, others escaped with minor bruises! Ball got greased!
- Visuals: Blue sky desert theme, UI improvements, added preview pics for all levels, etc
- Storage, Performance and Battery life: Reduced game size and memory footprint by 50%!
- Fixed bugs: The bugs you reported were either squashed or turned to butterflies as seen fit
- Fixed issue #357: We'd tell you more on this one but then we'd have to kill you J

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