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Bastille Day only (14 July): Seven free productivity apps from Amazon


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Jul 15, 2012
I remember google did a $0.25 sale :) thats when i bought Nova Prime (sorry Tesla lol) :D

I think that was last September to celebrate 25 billion downloads? Don't recall the details. I think it was a one week sale of apps at 25 cents each with each day having about 5-7 apps for that price for that day only. So about 50-ish total apps plus specials on books, tv shows, music, etc.

At IO in May, Google was at 48 billion downloads. So, I am hoping a sale for 50 billion downloads is around the corner.

(Note: apple just announced the 5 year anniversary of the app store or something. As far as I can tell they had ten (TEN ONLY!) apps for free to celebrate. Nice guys.)
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