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Battery dies after 5 minutes


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Mar 23, 2010
My G1 has been giving me problems for about 3 weeks now. I constantly have the phone 100% charged (whether is at work or at home). When I take charger out to surf net, for example, after 5 minutes, phone would shut down by itself, I turn it on, and it shows I have less than 10% battery and it tells me to connect charger.

And this is when it actually boots the phone, sometimes it doesn't even do it and I have to charge it.

But this is the odd thing, after the phone is off, I connect charger, turn on phone and it tells me it's at 70% charged.

How is that possible?

From 100% charged, 5 minutes on the web, phones shuts down, turn it on, less than 10% and asks me to connect charger. I shut down phone, connect charger, turn it on again, and is at 70%.

Anyone has a similar problem? Any solutions?

I am still waiting for the EVO to come on June 4th, and this will be the end of me for G1, but in the meantime it's still 2
I'm having the EXACT same problem.

I know this an old post to resurrect, but I just wanted to say I've been having the exact same problem the past couple weeks. I thought it was because I had rooted my phone, the new ROMs were messing with the battery status, but it looks like that's not the case. I've installed 3 different ROMs, each with less and less battery life.

Pretty sure my battery is just royally screwed. Problem is, my contract isn't up for another 2 months, so I may have to switch out early. The t-mobile g2 looks okay, but not as cool as the EVO.

Looks I'm gonna miss out on getting a crazy new/awesome dual-core gingerbread phone, eh?
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