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Help Battery drain greater on ICS 4.0.3 ?


Aug 25, 2011
I had hoped that ICS would bring better battery management to the S2 - at best it seems no better but when using GPS the battery drain is much faster than it used to be. I notice that GPS is faster and more responsive to use but this is not much help if having it on drains the battery too quickly to be of practical use. Its fine in the car because I can power it but walking around explorng a city it runs the battery down at least twice as fast as it used to - dissapointing - I do hope the S3 has improvements in battery life

Have other people noticed the same?
my battery life was horrific after the update. I used to get around 30 hours on GB which plummeted to around 10 on ICS. I dumped beautiful widgets and stopped GTalk logging on as they seemed to be keeping the OS awake. This seemed to improve things with keep awake times significantly reduced. Now with 7 days in to the upgrade it has been on for 24 hours with 50% remaining so am now please with the battery life. Not Sure I dare reintroduce the offending articles to see if wake times increase again but might get brave soon.
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Hey, had the same problem. Batery got very weak after update, cardged 7 h, lasted 3 h. Now it's normal , maybe better now. Got message to cardge the phone, still can last a whole night and be working in the morning. Maybe it would fix automaticly for you, but if that not, you can try what tryed. Discardge phone to a miniumum, then turn off, plug and cardge to maximum, take out the battery, wait a minute and then put it back on and turn on. I have also tryed hard reset. Don't know what metod helped.
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I went from using 100% of my battery per day with Gingerbread, to 200% with ICS (2 recharges a day!), but after a factory reset I'm down to 25% per day!
I've reinstalled most of my apps, so I'm not sure what the issue was, but it's all good now. (Pity I can't cancel my order for a Power Case)
Oh and it seems to charge much faster too.
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