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Bauhn AT-HK97 is stuck on the Bauhn Screen.


Aug 2, 2017

I am attempting to fix my parents' Bauhn AT-HK97 which is stuck on the Bauhn screen.

When I am able to get to the Android Screen it says "No Command" with the little Android robot.

So I figure I must therefore load the IMG file with an external program from my Windows 10 PC.

Can anyone give a recommendation ?

I have an image file from the whirlpool forum at http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2371097
As yet no reply to my request for assistance there - it is a rather old thread I guess.

Phil Day
Hi there.
Saw your post from a long time ago, dont know if you ever got a solution.
Ive got exactly the same problem as you fixing the same tablet.
Try this .
Copy the image file to a micro sdhc card and plug it into the tablet.
Make sure the tablet is turned off.
Hold down the power button and the backspace button at the same time for around 15 seconds.
When the Bauhn logo appears on the screen release both buttons.
An Android icon will appear and you may get a small menu which will allow you to load the image from the sdhc card or it may happen automatically.
Hope it works.
Would you be able to help me as I need the image file to do the same thing but the archive site mentioned on Whirlpool no longer has the file.
If you still have the image file could you email me a copy.
email is mauried@tpg.com.au
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