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BeerTrackr: Track BAC, Calories and more


May 23, 2010
Hey everyone, I'm a new Android developer and am proud to publish my first app... BeerTrackr! I started it to learn Android development and for fun. Anyways, here's the marketing spiel:

Beer Trackr is a sophisticated drink tracking system that allows users to track BAC and caloric intake in real-time and view past drinking sessions. Drinks are "added" with one button and Beer Trackr does the rest. BAC is calculated using the proven Widmark Formula which takes into account multiple user input variables. Calories are calculated in real-time based off of the drink consumed and users can see caloric equivalents varying from distance ran to Big Macs consumed. Users can also find nearby taxis and bars with one click, utilizing Google Maps and GPS. Beer Trackr is highly configurable and supports both the US and Metric Systems.

  • Tracks drinking statistics in real time and saves historical sessions
  • Includes a large preset database of beer, wine, and liquor as well as user-input drinks
  • Real time BAC is calculated including estimated time until legal to drive and sober
  • Calories are tracked along with "equivalents" such as miles ran and Big Macs eaten
  • Ability to quickly search for nearby taxis or bars (GPS enabled, optional)
  • Supports both U.S. and Metric Systems

Cost: $1.99





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