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Best Buy Pre-Orders - What a joke!


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Jul 23, 2010
Glen Spey, NY
I've witnessed the heartaches of many anxious members in the past years having pre-ordered through Best Buy and being let down like a child finding out there really is no Santa Claus and it was just their Parents placing an ugly sweater or oversize wool sock present beneath the tree.

I can't remember exactly how many lurked the respective new phone model forums of yesteryear, listening to the glee of others howling that they just got notice of their phone being shipped by the Carrier or from Samsung directly to receive them a day early or on 'Roll-out Day'. Meanwhile, they were silent because they had no news at all. The only peep that was heard in various threads was how frustrated they were to pre-order from Best Buy. :mad:

I always pre-ordered through my Carrier (Verizon) and they always came through on judgement day. Well, as I've mentioned before, I bit and ordered from Best Buy this time to get the $100 promo discount which nobody else offers. I ordered on 4/4/17, yup, 17 whole days before roll-out. It's not like Best Buy didn't have a head start to have mine come to me on time. At the time of pre-order, the Verizon in-store geek said you will receive an email when to come in for your order pickup. Well, yesterday was the golden 'Roll-out Day'. No email! Today (2nd day) No email! Called store late day today and was told order status is pending so wait for email.

Soooooo, store is now closed and I went online to fake order my black phone with store pickup and guess what? I can pick it up tomorrow! Imagine that!!! But, I would have to cancel my pre-order with forfeit of the special discount promo for $100.

Fortunately though, I'm not really Jonesing for my phone this time around, but I thought I'd put this out there for those on the S8 & S8+ fence who may pass and wait to get the Note 8. They may want to think twice about ordering from Best Buy if they want to share their joy with the others on this forum on actual 'Roll-out Day' so they too can experience the non-functional 'Bixby' button at the same time.

I propose that Best Buy change the ordering process through them, calling it a 'Post-order' because you get it after the Pre-orders AND the same day store walk-ins. Actually, they may want to change the store name to Best Joke. If whatever you buy needs servicing or support you can take advantage of their 'Jester Squad'. Also, you WILL need to purchase their renowned Extended extended warranty because the manufacturers warranty will be expired by the time they get your product in your hands.

Tick-tock, Tick-tock, stiiilllllll waiting! Maybe the screens will start catching fire and I can just cancel my Pre-ordered Post-order. :oops: :eek: ;) o_O :p :D
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So I finally got my from phone from Best Buy by walking into the store yesterday 4/26 unannounced. I asked a Mobile geek about where my pre-order was because I'm not happy right now and have had no email communication at all from them. The young geek asked which carrier and proceeded to open the locked cabinet for Verizon right beneath the orders desk. I saw about 6 boxes, each having Best Buy stick-on labels with names and information. As the geek is looking with me standing over her shoulder, she passes the one with my name and I had to point it out or I bet it would have been a "It's not here" answer. This was so upsetting because it was now days after others everywhere received theirs. thereby registering for the available promo offers from Samsung. I'm thinking mine was there in-store on roll-out day but I was never notified and they didn't even check when I called on the 22nd to try and find out what was going on. Problem is that I couldn't prove anything.

With this inept service, I got screwed out of my $99 VR experience box upgrade because that promo had run out the day before as it was a pretty limited amount available. I could only register for the regular VR glasses and Oculus content. Very unhappy about this!!! This is what you get when you order through a re-seller that has kids working for them that don't give two rabbit turds about looking to see what orders they had received in order to send promised email notifications. It's a real shame that I lost out on the bluetooth AKG headphones and the 256K Micro SD which alone goes for $249 on the Samsung website. If I ever did this again, I would walk into the store on the morning of roll-out and make the geek open that cabinet in front of me or threaten to put my foot up their backside so far I'd be able to untie my shoe by opening their mouth. Today kids don't give a damn in general because they're to busy on Facebook or texting friends instead of doing their Job so it's a real shame.

Instead of complaining to a Store Manager which would likely get me nowhere because I don't need any 20% discount on something knowing I won't be shopping there. I'd rather give them a poor review like this one on a popular Forum so others don't get punished by their bad service.
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A familiar story. Clueless under-trained kids running a shop, who are working for peanuts. And they say online shopping is killing high street stores. I say their complete lack of any kind of quality customer service, or focus on training is hammering the nails into their coffins.
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