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Best Buy PreOrder Customers To Recieve A Free Bluetooth Headset

T Mac

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Oct 22, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
Confirmed! I spoke with my Best Buy today concerning everyone getting pickup schedules and I hadn't been notified of this. Well, the salesman told me they just discussed this today at there store for scheduling so I went ahead and made my time for pickup. It's only because they expect the servers to set up the accounts to be bogged down and possibly have to phone in the account changes. When we got done with that I asked about accessories and he said that they talked about some cases, chargers, screen covers, the hdmi cable, and he also notified me that they were told today that everyone that pre ordered would recieve a bluetooth headset for free to try and match what radio shack is doing for there evo pre order sales. He also said that today was the last day to pre order for june 4th pick up guarantee. If they run out of evo's on the 4th it could be a week for them to get more. I'm not 100% sure, but I think he said the headset will be a plantronics model. He said that they are middle grade units and they are pretty nice. Not the best, but not the worst either. Anyone else heard this?
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I heard this from someone a few days ago in the forums also, but never heard anything else about it until today. The Best Buy salesman told me about it, I didn't ask him about it. We will get them when we pick up the phone. I would also call Best Buy and go ahead and schedule your appointment time for pick up if you haven't already done so or been called.
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I would say it is very true. He would have no reason to tell me something that wasn't true. I just wish I would have confirmed the model. I'm almost positive he said Plantronics, but he never said the model. Regardless, at least we'll get something like the radio shack pre orders. Maybe this will be even sweeter. And, if you don't want it, sell it on Ebay.
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That is the only thing that every pre order got. When we go to pick them up I suppose they'll give the headsets then. Can someone else call their Best Buy tomorrow and also confirm this? Like I said, he told me that info so I believe it but another confirmation will help ease our minds on the confirmation. Also, get the model of the headset.
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Hi, I'm a Best Buy Mobile Manager and I we just got info around what we are doing to match the Radio Shack $20 offer. We will NOT match that offer as a company. Instead we've decided to trump their offer. We will be giving away a Plantronics 230 ($40 value) with any HTC Evo 4G activation. We will receive extra stock in order to be able to fulfill customer demand.

This is not something that some random poster is making up. You will see this offer being called out on TV ads during the first month of launch.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this or anything else Best Buy Related.

Got that from another forum.
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