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Best car mount for nav????


Serves its purpose, I don't need it very frequently. AND... 6 Bucks!

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This is the one I have...love it! You do have to take off the dash and faceplate, but it was easy enough for me to do without any help from my husband. It is connected by one bolt that is totally hidden and causes no damage to the car at all. Vehicle specific mount and you will need a rotating clip to be able to use it in landscape.




Here is a link to the company.

InDash Custom Mount with Gripper Holder - GR2546/1642/InDash by:
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After much searching, I purchased a Dashboard Friction Mount (beanbag weighted). There are many brands and types, mine is Nextar gps-dmbb $17.99 at Fry's.

Then I needed a mount, I found one at the Verizon store that worked for me (Universal Windshield Mount) it was discounted via work discount. About $17 Enter your location

I'll explain why this seems to be one of the most versatile arrangements.

1) The vent mounts will cause the phone to get hot whenever you have the heat on!
2) Almost any window mount will work with Dashboard Mount, even if it is not legal in your state
3) Ability to move between vehicles
4) Works with almost any phone
5) Works in portrait or Landscape mode
6) Should work with phone in case or sleeve
7) Can be easily adjusted for different drivers

Hope this helps someone:)
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I think the one I found is really the ULTIMATE mount. You must check it out.
I simply love it. A little pricey but worth every penny.
Car Mount Windshield Holder Custom for HTC Droid Eris - eBay (item 180508707106 end time Jun-15-10 21:37:09 PDT)

It looks like the guy also have another for $47:

Car Mount Windshield Holder Custom for HTC Droid Eris - eBay (item 180511672725 end time Jun-22-10 19:25:18 PDT)

Those are pretty sweet. Expensive though, and it doesn't look like they would accommodate an eris with any sort of shell/case.
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