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Best deal for a 16GB MicroSD


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May 11, 2010
What, no one wants the 32GB card for sale on the SanDisk site for $199? lol

SanDisk United States Online Store - SanDisk microSDHC? 32GB Card

I'm begginning to think SD has to start feeling like they better lower the $ because I doubt these things are flying off the shelves. The real market is for devices where the cards don't get swapped that often (e.g. smartphones), and I see most of us sitting on the sidelines. Other devices like cameras and video recorders don't benefit as much from the 32GB because they're more hotswappable - I mean it takes less than 5 seconds for me to switch out 16GB cards on my camera and video recorder.

Even though I could justify the purchase, I'm just not going to spend as much on the card as I am on the phone!
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Any comments on Class 2 vs Class 6. Is their a real world difference and is it worth that $50 extra price tag

We don't know yet. The speed difference is in WRITE speeds only. The read speeds aren't different. So, getting info off of the card will be virtually the same.

The difference will come in write speeds. We should be able to see a difference in things like saving a file onto your SD card (like HD Video).
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Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to Wiki the difference between class 2 and class 6 is triple the speed.

Class 2: 16 Mbit/s (2 MB/s)
Class 4: 32 Mbit/s (4 MB/s)
Class 6: 48 Mbit/s (6 MB/s)
Class 10: 80 Mbit/s (10 MB/s)

The Evo is a fast device, why slow it down by being cheap with an SD card?

If all I'm doing is saving video files or podcast to my card why do I care if it takes 2 extra seconds? I don't. Class 2 for me. :D
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I'm going to use the 8GB for a while. If there's a performance hit on the Video recording then I *might* get the 16GB class 6.

Class 2 is fine for normal data and an 8megapixel camera. It's not like I'm going to be shooting in bursts or anything.

Otherwise, I'll just wait until the 16GB class 6 are around $30 to get one.
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Ugh, anything above a class 2 is worthless unless you're the type who can't wait a few extra minutes when bulk uploading files from your PC to your phone. A class 2 card exceeds the maximum write speed of HD video by a large margin. NOTHING you do on your phone will be limited by the class 2 write speed.

I agree. The video recording is only 20 fps. So a class 2 card would be fine for this.

The only thing I would worry about it trying to play a 720p video from somewhere like iTunes. I think they are 4.5MBps. The class 2 card might not be fast enough. (there might be some stuttering)

But for home brew video using H.264, it somewhere around 1.7MBps (megabytes per second), class 2 is again, fine.
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Its kinda funny that some of you are thinking a "class" of the SD card is going to make a difference while its in the phone and in use. The ONLY time you will possibly notice a difference is with directly transferring data to the card from your PC. Thats it. Period.

I'll save the $50 and be happy with my $28 16GB card from Ebay. (h2test verified as authentic SanDisk)
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