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Best Droid pouch case?


Dec 8, 2009
I'm looking for a Droid pouch case that goes on your belt in the horizontal position. I bought the one from Verizon and it is lined with plastic. I want one that fits nice and is lined with leather. I use the home and car dock frequently therefore I think a holster is the best style of case for me. If anyone has found a generic one that fits the Droid well let me know?
I have been quite pleased with this one off ebay. Very nice. Paid $10 shipped.

New Leather Case for Motorola Droid A855 Cover Skin - eBay (item 120500799842 end time Dec-09-09 06:03:19 PST)
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FYI – If using the case with the magnet holding the flap closed, be careful how you put the Droid in. I kept putting the back facing the outside. The case magnet sometimes would activate one of the two docking modes, which killed the battery.
Don’t have any problems when putting the screen side facing out.
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