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Best free upgrade from Incredible?


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Apr 11, 2010
I have a friend that has an upgrade, she has the original HTC Incredible, looking for something like it. I upgraded a year or so ago to the Rezound, she said it would be $150 to go to the Rez. The DNA is $200. Rhyme is free, Incredible 4G is $50. I found them cheaper online ($0.01 on amazon wireless, etc)
I love my Rezound, but it's almost 'old' technology.
Her brother just upgraded to one of the Razr's, she was asking about that too. I'm not a fan of them, typing on it is weird, feels 'brick-y' and 'plastic-y' compared to HTCs phones.
Also asked about the Icrap, told her not to even bother. None of her friends or family have them.
I told her to go try them out, hands on, see what feels right. Pick a couple favorites and I'd find her the right deal. (probably amazon wireless)
Any suggestions?


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