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Best golf scorecard & statistics app?


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Jan 9, 2010
I'm looking for an app that will act as a scorecard and also be able to track stats such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, up & downs, sand saves, etc. Added bonus if it will calculate my handicap. Anyone out there have any favorites?

Paid apps are okay. GPS distances are not a priority for me.
I use skydroid, but all it does is the gps for now. They are supposed to have a scorecard in the works. I had to go online and build my course on their site. It took about 20 minutes but I was surprised how accurate it is +/- 3 yds.

I also used freecaddie, it worked very well. But I couldn't add my course. They have a paid version w/scorecard and more features. I think it was like $15 so I stuck to skydroid. If the cost is not an issue I would recommend trying it at least. FWIW, I used their winmo app a couple years back, so they are not new at this.

All in all, I agree w/ previous post though, are you really going to take the time between each shot to track all that? Maybe your lucky enough to have a caddie ;)
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I have Golflogix, which is great for GPS & stats, but I am playing a course today that has GPS in the carts, and Golflogix runs my battery down to almost 0% over the course of a round. Since I don't need the GPS today, but I'd still like to track my score and stats, I'd love an app that can keep my stats, but DOESN'T have GPS, or GPS that can at least be disabled. Has anybody found a good app for this? Would prefer free, but wouldn't mind paying a few bucks. I might be able to disable the GPS on Golflogix. Will experiment later I guess. Thanks.
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Golfshot is very good. Does all you want and does have GPS function as well. Does not take too much time to enter info on the course which is the best place to do it. Problem for me is that my phone running Golfshot runs out of juice before the round is over.... extra battery is necessary.

Yeah, that is exactly what I am hoping to avoid. Like I said, I have Golflogix, which is GREAT, but I don't need the GPS today. I guess I am just going to try and turn off the GPS during the round, and see what happens.
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Along the same lines (sort of!)... I'm after an app/solution that will allow groups/players in the same tournament to enter their scores after each hole which can then be accessed by the others, creating a sort of live leaderboard ?
Anyone seen anything like this, i dont really want to download the paid apps just to check !
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The newly released GolfCompanionPro has the best input UI I have seen in a ScoreCard App.

It also let you measure in distance by taping on a map of the course (actually googles map but works quite nice) so it can give you absolute distances instead on relying on the GPS fix..

Keeps the basic stats (Fairway, GIR, putts)

And it looks good...
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