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Best Gym App

I agree with Jim. Small clipboard and a piece of paper or notebook and then transfer it to your favorite pc software / website. I tried a few different ones on the market and it was too cumbersome pulling the phone in and out of my pocket, getting sweat all over the phone and worrying about dropping. It stays in my pocket tethered to my bluetooth headset steaming music :)
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I'm using an Excel spreadsheet (that I created on my PC and then downloaded to the SD Card. I have 1 tab per exercise. 1st column for date, 2nd column for weight, 3rd-5th columns for reps for sets 1-3. 1 row for each date.

I use Documents to Go to edit the spreadsheets while I work out. I can simply copy and paste a row and change the date. If the weight or reps is different from the previous workout, then I change those numbers. I keep the Droid in the Verizon holster. I can usually take it out, pattern unlock, make my changes, and put it back in less than 60 seconds (which is my rest interval between sets).
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