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Help Best homescreen replacement/ launcher app for 2.1?

Try crazy home. It gives 3 desktops with 5 screens each. It does lag a little when switching desktops but not when scrolling within one. Theres a lite version so you can try it out before making a decision. I've used almost every one if them out there and this is my home of choice. I did miss the icon bar from helix but having a home for "work" "home" and "play" is worth it.
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Where do you get GDE I can only find the Euro DL.

Just do a search for GDE its the top one (it might be a EURO DL but I can't verify since I have already purchased.).

anyways some cool things about it is it allows 7 desktops, endless scrolling (i.e going from desktop 7 back to 1), and some pretty cool themes you can download for it, the stock one is pretty ugly.
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I have replaced Helix with TagHome. It's like having Helix and App organizer built into one.

I started out with PandaHome on 1.5. Loved the features. Dockbar was indespensible. The lag was unforgivable. It had to go.
Flashed to DD10 and gave Helix a try. After 2 force close loops, I was forced to remove it.
Then went on to N1. Was nice for a while. Loved the screen indicator. But reeeaaaally wanted the launchbar from Helix. The lag was also killing me.
Now finally on DE03 and went back to Helix. Love it. Do get the occasional force close but at least it's not looping. Everyone says stay away from Helix 2 so I'll deal with the force closes.
I found apps organizer and now can't live without that. If taghome can give the best of both worlds then I'll just be too thrilled.
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Used a few, am on LauncherPro for now, because it is fast, for me this is the most important thing, if it is slower than stock, I don't want it :).

Custom dock items are coming but not here yet, I like the silhouettes and hope allowing custom icons doesn't mean I have to use stock icons as some like stock Android contacts is butt-ugly.
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Wow, I also dl'd Launcher Pro last night. So fast! I am glad it lets you configure the SMS icon to a 3rd-party SMS app if you want, but I wish you could do the same with all the icons. I'd actually love it if there were, say, a dozen or so built-in icons that you could drag around and reconfigure and assign apps to. Would look prettier than default icons and it would set it apart from Helix.
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