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Best of Android Gaming by Black Snow Technologies

Black Snow Technologies.

Games By Us:

Blob Warrior
An accelerometer game where you zoom your blob around the screen avoiding the deadly chompers that chase you. You shoot at them by touching the screen and when you collect upgrades your weapons get even better.
lite version - visit-https://market.android.com/details?id=com.unnexus.blobwarrior
full version - release date Febuary 14th. $1.21
In the full version there are many more weapon upgrades as well as Open Feint for scoring everyone and unlocking achievements. As well as this there is an extra mode of game play where blob cannot leave his tower and must defend it from in coming chomper attacks.

Blob Contest
A multiplayer game, and we don't mean multi-touch.. yes we mean connecting two devices and going crazy against each other in a maze shooting lasers and flamethrowers at your opponent.
coming soon.

Blob Adventure
A 2D Adventure game where you control your blob character through maps and puzzles and hordes of chompers. As you play you will unlock better weapons and armour and even magic.
coming soon

Blob Dodge
A simple game where you control your customizable blob character and try to dodge falling spikes and other crazy objects thrown in your direction. This will be a completely free game.
coming soon

About Us
Black Snow Technologies is a new software development business that develops games and other software for the mobile world. We are aiming to improve upon the already fantastic Android Market and to release only the best quality apps and games.

All our free apps and lite version games will always remain ad free so if you don't want to indulge in the full version games you will never be annoyed by ads.

Please leave comments with your thoughts on our products and keep checking up to see new games and apps released for Android. All comments are welcome and if you have suggestions or would like to request a game drop us a private message.


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