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[BETA] Personal Foodie BETA

[BETA] Personal Foodie BETA

If you like to eat at restaurants this is the app for you. Never again forget what you liked or disliked about a certain dish or drink.

What you can do:
- Find local restaurants using GPS
- Enter details about a food or drink
-- Includes notes, star system, price paid, date ordered, and photo.
- Quickly pull up past entries based on GPS location. For example: If you are sitting at a Subway Restaurant that you have already been to in the past and notated some subs, the app will show them to you. You then can see whether you liked or disliked something.

This is like a diary or black book of what you eat and drink. It is always a bummer when you go to a restaurant and forget what you like there. Personal Foodie solves this problem.

Please give this new app a shot and let us know if it is any good and what we can do to make it better. Please use the contact form at personalfoodie.com for suggestions.

Get Personal Foodie from Google Play.


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