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Help BEWARE: new sprint store in Richmond TX


Aug 18, 2010
Took my evo in today to have them address the camera lens cover crack issue. They said no prob, but it'll take about 30min. I was like 'wow this place rocks'! I took care of a few errands, came back, and the dork in the back wants my security code, so he can riffle through my phone ( for like what seemed like forever ) to see if I was rooted. I asked him that very question - " yeah bro I can't swap it out if you Did......Its gonna take 2 days"!! He somehow thought the camera was broken. He missed the big ass crack. To make a long FU story shorter, I now have a sweet new lens cover & bezel. I just wish the back speaker & flash still worked ,(like it did b4 I left her with him) that I just noticed. :mad: .......Oh yeah when I got home earlier ( my first trip ) today I noticed the d-bag failed to install my 16gb sdhc. On a positive note their's a buttload of sprint stores in TX. Sorry for the book, just needed to vent. My first post, but absolutely love this place & my sexually assaulted evo.


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