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Black Friday and Cyber Monday


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
May 13, 2010
Los Angeles
ok so Black Friday is coming up next week. anybody going to be doing any shopping on that day? what about Cyber Monday?
what do you plan to buy?

some places like Best Buy are already offering Black friday prices now. i just bought a sony XR 65" A80l

they also had deal on a sony sopundbar as well.

what are you guys getting? anything? nothing? lol
Will "Cyber Monday" deals be any different than the weeks long Black Friday deals out there? I haven't noticed things fluctuate much. I'm curious if we'll see some very different/specific opportunities for Cyber Monday but I feel like it will mostly be a "last chance to shop savings" kinda thing.

Would love to see some specific CM deals before I pull the trigger on BF deals! The stress lol
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The bike rack I'm wanting to haul my two E-bikes didn't see any sale price today. Amazon had an offer of $200 off the rack if I applied for and was accepted to their Prime Visa card. Keep in mind that I do not do credit cards but the savings was too much to ignore. The rack is ordered, I used my $200 gift card, and I can destroy the card when I get it.
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