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Root Bluetooth music controls in Apex, Darkslide, stock ROMS


Android Expert
Jul 15, 2010
I have a bluetooth stereo headset (one of the Rocketfish behind-the-head setups from Best Buy), and I've had great success with PowerAmp on Apex 1.3.1 while using the BT headset controls. I had no issue using the forward, back, play and pause buttons.

However, I swapped to the latest Darkslide and the BT headset can play/pause the PowerAmp music player, but if I use the forward/back buttons, it controls the stock music player. Quite frustrating, to say the least.

Not sure why it's doing that, but I was looking for a fix in the Darkslide threads and didn't find anything. Does anyone know if there is a fix, or if not, is there a way to disable the stock music player's response to BT headset controls?

(FWIW, they worked fine on the stock ROM as well.)


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