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Bluewave -- An Android Air Mouse for PC


May 17, 2010
Mobile Air Mouse

Instantly transform your android phone into a wireless keyboard, trackpad, game pad and wireless remote for your computer! Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. It can operate as a trackpad or keyboard, allowing you to control your computer with a single finger. Suddenly your android phone has become an essential part of any home theater PC and a presenter's best friend. With convinient hot keys, it provides you with a single screen for controlling ALL your media and web applications.

Mobile Air Mouse
Well, I tried it, and it's a shame that the bluetooh connectivity doesn't work.

The free PPT application does, and it's awesome, wished this could take it further

Oh well
Thanks for your comments.
In short, the current version does not support Bluetooth.

Here is why:
Actually the PC server does have the bluetooth implementation which supports broadcom, microsoft Bluetooth stack.

The current version of the android app targets for android SDK 1.6 which does not support the necessary Bluetooth
programming interface. So there is no BT support in the current release.

Definitely will add BT support in next release for android 2.x.
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I've loaded the bluewave app on my Droid Eris running Android 2.1. I've updated my Java on two laptops - one running Windows 7 64 bit, the other running Windows 7 32 bit.

The installation of the server says it succeeds but when I try to run the server application W7 immediately tells me that the Server has failed and then starts looking for a solution.

If I were home and on one of the laptops I could give you the exact error message, but for now, it won't run on either system. I've gone through the setup notes to no avail. Anything obvious I'm doing wrong?

I'd like this to work it looks like a really nice app. And yes - I have successfully run other mouse software, but they are very simple and this one looks to have functionality that I get with an Airmouse app on my iPod touch and my MacBook Pro. I'd like to extend the functionality to my Windows machines.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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