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Root [Boost Mobile] Which rom is safe for my phone?


Aug 3, 2012
I used to own the galaxy rush and that phone was simple, because you could load any rom you wanted to the phone and which ever one you liked you kept. That does not seem to be the case with the S3 though. I have read if you flash the wrong type of rom you will brick your phone. I am very confused what roms are compatible with my phone. Is there anyone that can help tell me what I can install on my phone? I want something that is popular with lots of themes to choose from. If it helps I am running stock 4.4.2 and I believe I have Knox installed, because I used the latest official odin update for my phone found here... L710VPUCND8_L710SPRCND8_L710VPUCND8_HOME.tar

Also, I have philz recovery menu installed and I am rooted. Just fyl. I thought about installing wicked sensations rom, but it seems like that is android 4.1.2


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