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Help Brand new Alcatel POP 4S not connecting to home Wi-Fi (extensive troubleshooting performed)


Jul 28, 2017
Hi all! I hope this is the correct place for this question.

Unboxed a new unlocked Alcatel POP 4S (Marshmallow 6.0, not rooted) and have been unable to connect to my home Wi-Fi (Motorola SBG901 router). I have been able to use my Galaxy S4 as a mobile hotspot and connect that way. My troubleshooting progression has roughly been:

  1. Attempt to connect, receive "Obtaining IP address">>"Searching for Wi-Fi Networks" on loop
  2. Forget network, disconnect other devices currently on Wi-Fi, attempt to reconnect
  3. Confirm "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep"="Always"
  4. Restart phone
  5. Restart router
  6. Enter developer mode, change to legacy DHCP, same result
  7. Attempt to connect via static IP. Connected for a short time followed by "Connected. No internet">>"Searching for Networks" loop.
  8. Connect via mobile hotspot
  9. Download WiFi Fixer, logs show phone connects, authenticates, then reads "supplicant nonresponsive, resetting wifi", disconnects and repeats on loop
  10. Wipe cache partition>>Factory reset, same results
  11. Changed router to different channels, same results (shows excellent signal strength)
I have completely run out of ideas, so I'm throwing it out to the internet gurus for help! Thanks in advance!


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