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Brand new Anker 1900mah battery & external charger (Sensation/Evo3d)

I recently purchased an Anker 1900mah battery & external charger & must have made a mistake at Amazon because my credit card was charged twice & they sent me 2 batteries & 2 external chargers (double order). So Im selling a brand new, unopened battery & external charger that will fit the HTC Sensation or Evo3D. The battery is light years ahead in performance to the stock battery & the charger has a spring slide as well as adjustable charging points to allow for charging just about any cell phone battery. I love the batteries performance, no need for additional charging during the day and incase I do use the phone extremely heavy I still have my factory Sensation battery to throw in so Im more than good with 1....Ill let it go for $15 shipped u.s.p.s to anyone in the lower 48 states. I paid $17.99 total shipped at Amazon through Laptopmate (best price) if you want to check the details out....thanx for looking in!
(just to note, I do not work for Anker or Amazon nor am I any type of seller for these items. If needed I can show a pic of both the battery & charger Im currently using as well as the unopened battery & charger. Just wanted to get that out the way, you can search my username, just a usual Sensation owner with the same problems, praises, & needs as other Sensation owners.)


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