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Help Brand new to android phones, help me pick


Apr 10, 2021
Hi guys! I dont know where to ask, i have seen about 25 ish videoes on youtube, read some sites.. read some more sites... and... read...... you get the point

I am new to android phones, i went from Siemens, to Sony Ericsson to Iphone as my smartphone, i have had Iphone sience the first iphone. I am very happy with my iphone. BUT.. i wanna try something new.

I have decided between One Plus 9Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.. i dont know why Samsung is there, but might have something to do with it beeing abit main stream. I have never heard about OnePlus.. and certantly not Xiaomi ( i dont know how to say that name irl).

I am not a Photographer or Videomaker, but i want to use the Camera alot of my phone.

Out of these two, what would you guys reccomend and why. Answers like "Pick the one you like" , "S21 ultra is the best" or " Xiaomi " does not work for me. As i have never seen the two brands, i can only know about them from you guys and the rest of the internett.

As far as i have concluded: Both have amazing screen, Both have good cameras, Both as fast and Xiaomi have better battery, but does not look as good as the OnePlus. OnePlus is also cheaper

Would i as an Amature Photographer, Videomaker and Android user see and feel the difference?

Only one is for sale in my country atm, but i can wait for the Xiaomi
sorry i have not seen many members here who have those phones.....so i can't help you recommend one of those phones.

but for me my note 10+ 5G has really been a beast. it not only takes great pictures, but even after almost 2 years of owning it, the battery life has been outstanding. i am a power user so games, streaming videos, taking pictures have all been great for me.

not to mention the s-pen. i use almost everyday to take notes, jot down some thoughts, and make shopping lists and things to do notes.
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I'm a little confused that you start by saying that you are not a photographer or videomaker and then ask "as an amateur photographer, videomaker". If you are actually serious about either I'd still recommend an actual camera over a phone. To be fair, with modern computational photography it is easy to get acceptable results from them in a wide range of conditions where you'd have to think about what you are doing if you were using a camera, but if you are prepared to think about what you are doing and put some effort in you can unquestionably get better results from a dedicated device. It's really a matter of what is important to you. If it's not that important to you then a phone will do fine.

I don't know either of the handsets you name personally. OnePlus have a reputation for being decent but not top tier with their cameras, and I've not read anything that suggests this has changed with the 9 series. But do you need top tier? My advice would be to read some reviews, look at the images the camera takes, compare those with the results from phones you do know and see whether you think it's good enough.

The Mi 11 Ultra is so new that I've not seen reviews for it yet, so cannot comment. Software is more important than hardware specs in smartphone photography, so I would not make any assessment of the camera until I've seen the results. I am however disappointed that they stuck a silly punch hole selfie camera on it: they added a rear display so you can use the main camera for selfies, so there is no need to stick a hole in the main display, but they had to spoil the screen anyway...
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