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Broke my Droid :( Need broken one to fix


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Nov 1, 2009
So I made a dumb decision and played in a softball game the other day with my Droid in my pocket...when it got dirt in it and became very difficult to slide open I took it apart. I slipped and ended up tearing a ribbon cable that connects the display to the logic board - and apparently a different one that connects the antennas to the logic board.

I went ahead and ordered a Droid X...but I'm thinking if I can get someone's broken Droid for cheap it may be worth it to fix up and pass down to a family member.

99% of what I'm finding on eBay is water damage - so the logic board is fried. I'm thinking my only hope is someone with a cracked screen who doesn't want to deal with it.

Anyone have one, or know someone who does?


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