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Call home from abroad


Aug 3, 2010
I am currently in Portugal on T-mobile network. I am with a number of other people who are on different networks with different handsets. Everyone else is able to dial their UK contacts without needing to edit them to add +44. Their contacts are just 07xxx xxxxxx.

On the other hand if I dial the same contact on my HTC Desire I go through to some unfortunate Portuguese person. I have looked at all settings but can't find an option. I would rather just dial a contact without having to edit them (and editing isn't as easy as it would seem either!)

Does anyone have a suggestion?
One guy has an iPhone on Vodafone, there is a samsung on Tesco, a couple of non-symbian Nokias on Orange and all of them are able to know that they want to phone UK contacts and dial through automatically. I seem remember my old N96 used to be able to do it also. There was me bigging up my Android and then got shot down! I tried adding United Kingdom to the country in the contact and that didn't work either. :(
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