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Help Call waiti0ng on Droid Inc. NOT ABLE TO HANGUP CALL???

Can someone please explain how the call waiting works on the Droid???? If I am on a call and I get another call, then I am able to answer it no problem.....When I go to hang up on the calls, the system hangups on both calls every time....if I don't end the call, then the other called will stay on hold until both calls are ended....Anyone else have this experience? Thanks again for any information!!
I'll answer this as best I can, and the really smart people can tear it to shreds ;)

In short, it's a limitation/nuance of CDMA, the technology that Verizon (& Sprint, & Alltel) use for their voice networks. What's "really happening" when you switch between two calls is:

* The caller "on hold" will still show as "on hold" even if they disconnect.
* If you hang up, and the "on hold" caller has disconnected, the call is done
* If you hang up, but the "on hold" caller was still there...
- you'll (shortly) get an incoming call, usually from "unknown"
- answer it, and the "on hold" party will be reconnected to you

I'm sure there's a more elegant way to explain that... but it's not a Droid-specific issue, I've dealt with this all the way back to analog phones.
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cheesehead007 - Thank you very much for your reply. I guess that makes sense...Coming from my BB Curve with Verizon and other keypad based phones I used send to answer call waiting and toggle back to the other caller....I never got the call from "unknown" until I got the DroidInc....I just hope I am not being charged extra minutes somehow from Verizon.
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Yea basically this phone kicks a$$ for the most part, but as far as an enterprise solution. BB has all manufacturers beat. Now I would like to figure out this call waiting issue, because I have not been able to toggle between callers and end certain callers without hanging up on all....anyone that can confirm a first hand solution would be greatly appreciated....Thanks again.
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