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Can anyone else not reset their Kik password?


Jul 31, 2011
This might not be the best subforum for my issue, but Kik is an android app. Close enough.

Well, I haven't used Kik in a while, therefore I forgot my password. No big deal, I'll just go here and reset my email.

So I type my email in there and then kik says it's sent me an email. I go check my email and it's not there. Not in junk/spam folder either.

At first, I thought the issue could've been on my end because I use a .tk domain for my email and Kik might have blocked .tk to prevent spam (due to .tk being used for shady stuff due to quick and free signups).

I later found out, however, that the issue is on Kik's end. I made an account using a hotmail email and I didn't get password reset emails to that email account either.

I've tried sending emails to Kik but I can't get anything back from them other than an automated response

I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this problem, and if so, if there's some sort of solution.

(P.S. I'm looking through my old posts. I was so stupid.)


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