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Can anyone tell me what the Xperia S battery life is like?

I've been looking for a new phone because I accidentally kind of pressure washed my Desire a couple of weeks ago. I did a bit of research and the Xperia S was looking like the phone for me. Great camera, the specs and Ice Cream Sandwich'd be a big step up for me, it's more pocket sized than newer phones I looked at and I like the style of it. Well all that plus I can afford it.
The only thing stopping me is I did a bit of googling and I'm seeing a fair few complaints about really poor battery life coming up.
(Sorry, I wanted to give links but I'm new here so the forum doesn't let me)

I've seen other reviews saying battery life's fine or even good though and the complaints seem to be mainly from back when the phone launched so I was wondering if it was a glitch and an update had fixed it or anything?
I know you can't switch the battery but that doesn't bother me, I just want a phone that lasts at least a day I'm fine charging it every night.
The other phone I'm thinking about's a refurbished Galaxy S2 if anyone reckons that's a better option.
Thanks for the help
I find i get a good days use out of my experia s.
Its very good when on wi-fi and/or with a good network/data speed but in low coverage areas it really does munch the battery(even on GSM only mode).
AS with all these high end phones- if you want to play lots of games and or HD videos you will need a charger handy....
Apart from that i'm quite a heavy user(briowse lots while at work) and its not often i have to reach for the charger until i go to bed.
very good underrated phone imo.
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